Therapeutic Services in Derbyshire


Welcome to my website for counselling, psychotherapy and other therapeutic services in Derbyshire.

If you would like your life to be more positive, work with me to gain clarity in how to achieve this.


I offer counselling and psychotherapy using a Transactional Analysis approach.I also use other methods to include; Video Interaction Guidance, elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Attachment.  My work offers you the chance to understand why you are behaving, feeling and thinking the way that you do, and gives you the opportunity to make changes for the better. I work with people as individuals, couples or families, and together we will find what method or approach suits you best.

All of the methods I use are about you making changes to become more aware of yourself, and I offer a supportive environment in which to help you get there. Some people find a few sessions are all they need, whilst others take longer. We can discuss this in more detail and answer any questions you have in your initial consultation.

Please call me on 07974966523 or 01283 585185 for an appointment.

I also work with families, if you are interested in working with me around parenting or relationships within your family, then please go to my other website;