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Children, Young People & Families

I use both directive and non-directive therapy with children (5 to 12 yrs), this enables them to express how they are feeling in a supported but self healing way. A child can then work through issues that may be troubling them using a playful and creative experience. They can then process information through their understanding of the world around them in a way that is gentle and natural.


Children are better able to express how they feel, think and behave with the use of words when they are around 12 years of age. With  young people who are over 12 years old I use a combination of creative methods and talking which allows them to access both their cognitive skills and their emotions.

If your child is more tearful, aggressive, or generally different than what seems usual for them, or they are not coping well with a difficult life situation, please call me to discuss if therapy will help.


If you need support around parenting or issues within your family, for example; relationships, behaviour, Autism, ADHD, dealing with emotions, grief etc please see my other website