Video Interaction Guidance



Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) aims to enhance communication between adult and adult, or adult and child, relationship in a very unique way. For more detailed information please click on this link.

If you are struggling to communicate with someone that you are in a relationship with, VIG offers a very positive and interactive experience, allowing you to see what you are already doing well. It could be a partner, child or relationship at work were you are unable to see why exactly you are just not "connecting" with that person. VIG allows you to see moments were you are "attuned" to that person and the discussion we have around that moment will enable you to use this information to encourage you to make changes that will result in increased positive interactions between you both.


It works by you setting a goal or having a question in mind about what you would like to achieve within the relationship. Then a very short filming session of you both takes place, whilst you are interacting with one another. I then micro-analysis the film into short clips that focus on the positive interactions between yourself and the other person. We then have a collaborative discussion about the clips, reflecting and deciding what changes could be made that would help to support your goal or question. The process is very collaborative and supportive to allow you to be successful.

For any questions, or if you would like to have some VIG sessions, please contact me to discuss further; 07974966523 or [email protected]